How Do I Become a Friend?

To protect the safety of children, each volunteer goes through a rigorous screening and training process prior to being matched with a child:

   Step #1 – Application      

  • Volunteers complete a written application and then mail or deliver it to our office or email it as an attachment to our Program Coordinator.
  • Friends then completes the following screenings:


    • National Criminal History Background Check
    • Child Protective Services Background Check
    • Three Personal Reference Checks

   Step #2 – Training

  • A Friends staff member provides a 2- to 3-hour training session where scenarios and boundaries for the friendship are discussed, as well as ideas for activities and conversations. Typically a current or former volunteer joins the training to share stories and lessons from their experience as a Friend.

   Step #3 – Interview

  • Volunteers meet with the Friends Program Coordinator for an in-depth interview to assess their interests in order to provide a successful match with a child.

   Step #4 –"Match" Meeting

  • The Friends Program Coordinator joins the volunteers in meeting their child and family for the first time.


How Else Can I Volunteer?

If you are interested in sharing your talents through one or more of the following volunteer opportunities, please call our office at 509-527-4745. We'd love to have you as part of the Friends team!


  • Event Committee: Do you enjoy brainstorming event ideas and logistics? Join one or both committees for our two major annual fundraisers: "Breakfast with Friends" in the Spring at the Marcus Whitman Hotel, and "Jazz and Wine Among Friends" in late Summer at various local venues.
  • Marketing Committee: This is a lively and opinionated committee, full of creative contributors. If you have expertise in promotion and messaging, then this committee is for you!
  • Development Committee: Are you energized by fundraising? Is "the ask" second nature to you? Come join a committee of like-minded philanthropists.

   Office Support

  • If you enjoy assisting with behind-the-scenes administrative projects or providing customer service on the phone, you'd be a welcome addition to our small staff! Your help would be utilized either on a weekly or as-needed project basis.


  • Whether you're looking to build your career skills or earn college credit, Friends offers a variety of part-time, unpaid internships in the areas of marketing, development, program evaluation, and more. Come discover your calling to work in the nonprofit sector!