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Hi Friends of Friends  of Children

We have a Breakfast With Friends Update


Hope everyone is staying safe out there!


Due to the restrictions and common sense about the corona virus, Friends has decided to move our annual event always held in late April or May to the fall date Tuesday October 13th. 

More will appear here later including our list of loyal sponsors. Also it will appear on our Facebook page Friends of Children of Walla Walla. Visit there and please like us through these difficult times!


Stay Tuned………

Friends is 20 years old!! 



 Help Friends in its mission to provide Resilience to the children of the Walla Walla Valley!!



Thank You Wal-Mart 

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Big Big Sponsor of Friends of Children!

Thank You Hayden Homes!

Hayden Homes

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For your generous support of the Friends Programs!!



Thank You Dutch Bros Walla Walla!!

Saturday, September 29th is Buck For A Kid Day!

And the bucks go to Friends Of Children Of Walla Walla



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There are multiple events that we are planning for the summer for all the kids who are presently in our programs. Keep checking this space for news of additional events or call us at 509-527-4745!

The next event is: Friends Night At The Sweets June 15. Volunteers please call for tickets for you and your friend!

Call 509-527-4745 for details


Friends is a local non-profit mentoring organization that helps children in the Walla Walla Valley engage in safe, youth-focused friendships with adults. Formed in 1999 to help prevent children from facing life’s challenges alone, Friends remains committed to creating positive change in the lives of families– one child at a time.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs):

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) has been declared the number one childhood trauma in the United States. The number one antidote to this is providing a child a caring adult relationship once a week for at least one year. Friends provides this by way of our ABC School Lunch Program and our Community Based Program.


Our adult volunteers concentrate on the child, letting the friendship find its own impact and letting the child lead the way. Adult friends do not act as parents, teachers, disciplinarians, coaches, therapists or saviors. Instead, they act as friends, providing an encouraging, caring presence that the child can count on over time.

Friends now has programs or pilots in ten schools in the Walla Walla and College Place School Districts.

Impact of Your Support:

Over the life of the Friends organization, we have seen countless examples of the power of the friendships we’ve generated through our ABC, Community Based, After School, Cascading Mentor and Peer-to-Peer programs. Parent and school survey results have indicated significant behavioral improvements in their children, since being matched with a Friend. Our programs have involved over 2000 children from 4 to 18 since 1999 when Friends of Children came onto the scene!

In 2018:

  • Parents and school counselors reported an increase in their child’s self-confidence and ability to make decisions

  • Parents and Schools indicated an improvement in their child’s academic performance and ability to avoid delinquency which can rob any child of a complete education.

National research has also shown that mentoring relationships have a clear positive impact on the life of the matched child. Here are some of the typical outcomes:

  • More likely to trust their parents and communicate more effectively with them
  • More likely to have fewer school absences
  • More likely to attend college and to look forward to the future
  • Less likely to be physically aggressive with peers
  • Less likely to initiate drug & alcohol use


As a non-profit organization, Friends if funded primarily through the generosity of businesses, clubs, organizations, foundations, trusts and individuals.

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