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The Breakfast Video 2017, By Sarah Koenigsburg

Many of you who saw the video about Joey and Carlos at the Breakfast With Friends, commented that the theme encompassed Walla Walla in many ways. First, the selection of the school being Sharpstein Elementary, built in 1898, represented the past of Walla Walla. Then in 2001, the Walla Walla School District built a brand new Sharpstein. However, they did not tear down the beautiful old school to make way for the new one. Instead the WWPS district built the new edifice around the old school. This new Sharpstein encompassed the past of Walla Walla and the future, old and new, inclusive and diverse.

The subjects we chose were also different. One a champion Whitman College Basketball player from California and the other a second grader from a single parent home whose primary language is Spanish. This match represents what Friends of Children of Walla Walla is all about. The effects of this match was profound on the young boy to have a caring consistent adult role model as it was on the mentor.

Anyone can experience the profound effect of what having and adult friend means to a child. Anyone can experience the absolute and profound effect mentoring a child brings to the heart of the adult, by just being there one day a week for as little as 30 minutes at a school, at lunch, at recess.

It happens everyday at any one of ten schools in the Walla Walla Valley where a Friends program or pilot has been established.

Give us a call or attend one of six Friendraisers we conduct at the Marriott during the year here in Walla Walla. It will change a child’s life and your life as well!

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